Our web allows artists to sell their work in the following physical forms:

  • in electronic (digital) form: songs and digital albums,
  • in the form of physical music media: CD, DVD, Bluray and the vinyl records. This category of physical products also contains gifts and souvenirs for the fans, such as caps, posters and t-shirts, that our system also allows to sell.


Physical goods

Physical goods include albums in the physical form of the music media and souvenirs.

Please, take note that all items on our website are sold directly by the artist, not by the Jukkebox website! We, as a page provider, only provide artists with technical solutions enabling the presentation and the sale of music, but we don’t have in stock any physical goods of any artist! When you buy physical goods on our website, they will be sent directly by the artists from whom you have purchased the product and not by the website provider.

Please take note of the following:

  • it is up to each artist to which country he/she decides to sell and ship their physical goods,
  • shipping rates are determined by the artists,
  • any responsibility for the correct and the timely delivery of physical goods is on the artist.

All information about shipping rates and countries are shown on the profile page of each artist in Postage. In this section, you can check to which countries the artists send their physical goods and shipping rates. If your country is not listed, this means that a particular artist doesn’t ship physical goods into your country. Should you still be interested in buying any of the physical albums of the artist, please try to address artist directly using the contact form on his profile page and ask about the possibility of sending physical goods to your country.


Digital goods

All songs and the digital albums are in electronic (digital) form. Digital goods sold on our web have no physical limitations, so you can purchase them regardless of your geographic location or distance.

All digital goods are, after the proper payment, automatically distributed to the customers by our system, not by the artist whose album you buy. Your purchased goods can be found in your user account, in My orders ==> Digital music, or click on this link. From this place you can download purchased tracks to your computer.

After buying the digital goods, you have three months from the order placement to download your purchased songs to your computer. Each purchased song can be downloaded up to three times during a period of three months. This back up in the number of downloads is created for you to have an access to the track again in case of technical or other problems. After a period of three months or after all three downloads, access to the songs in your account will be automatically blocked. In the event you want to re-download the song for some reason, either you must re-purchase it, or you can contact the artist with a request for re-transmission of the song. 

We note that all the songs are in one of the lossless compressed formats FLAC, WAV and AIFF. These files are indeed large volume, but their music quality is preserved. After downloading your purchased files to the computer, you can convert them into any other audio format that suits you.