About this project

Project Jukkebox is focused on our music scene. We allow musical artists, musicians, singers and composers to present themselves to their fans and the general public and sell their work. We believe that this way we help to develop our music scene and promote promising young musicians.

To release an album or song is financially very demanding and for many amateur artists unattainable. Even more difficult and challenging, however, for an artist is to promote their work and get it into the consciousness of the broad masses of fans.

Our Jukebox project is trying to help the artists to solve these problems and enable young but promising authors, who do not have large financial resources, to present their work to the audience and fans. We're not a record label, nor music producers. We do not focus on making music, neither on the management of music projects. We cannot help artists in this respect. However, what we can do is that we provide all adequate technical and marketing tools, so artists are able to present their music and sell it on the international scene.

Any production that can be found on our website is loaded and sold directly by the artists who created it or by the managers who legally represent them. They themselves have set also sales prices. When you buy the music on our website, you are buying it from an artist and you directly support him/her...